This eclectic driver has run Formula 3 races and was seven times involved as participant on the 24 Hours race of Le Mans. He has been French Rallycross Champion. One saw him also at the steering wheel of Formula 1 cars, as well as on the Paris Dakar desert race. 




He climbed three times on the top step of WRC rallies and won two french national titles in that disciplin. When someone asks him about his job, he only says « négociant en virages », an untranslatable pun meaning « corner seller ». But he is already for a long time the favorite of the public who nicknamed him « the acrobat ».

His name is closely connected with Renault, whose cars he made wheeling about from bends to corners : from the Renault 8 Gordini of the beginning until the Mégane Maxi, and with the « skateboard » R5 Alpine or the mythic R5 Turbo.

Through this description, anybody should have recognised the emblematic Jean Ragnotti !

The always youngster Jeannot will be present on last week-end of August in the Vosges, a country he knows well, having driven on its roads during the Lorraine and Alsace-Vosges Rallies of the past. The Super Stage in Épinal or the Road-Show LABELLEMONTAGNE will surely remember him the mythic closing road-show of the Alsace-Vosges Rallye in the streets of Strasbourg . This at that time absolute novelty in France was already initiated by Jacky Jung, the indefatigable chairman of Slowly Sideways France.









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