Following the 1985 World Champion Timo SALONEN who was present last year, the Vosges Rallye Festival will have the pleasure welcoming the 1984 World Champion this time.





Stig BLOMQVIST climbed eleven times on the highest step of a World Championship Rally podium. He conquested the title with the Audi Sport team, winning four times with the Audi Quattro A2 and one more with the Sport Quattro at Ivory Coast Rally. Despite to the fact he went later to Ford team, his name remains closely bound to the Ingolstadt car manufacturer.

Owing to the well-known Audi lover and collector Wolf-Dieter Ihle, he will find again the very last Audi he drove during a World Championship Rally.
It was also the very last car wich marked points for Audi in the World Championship.

For this one has to get back to 1987. Following the forbidding of Group B rally cars, Audi challenged to entry his 200 Quattro. Hannu MIKKOLA finished third at Akropolis Rally with chassis RL3. This car has then been recovered by the swedish importer who entried it for Stig BLOMQVIST at 1989 Rally Sweden. Despite to ignition damage, he managed getting on fifth place.

Historic events lover, this always brisk swedish driver answered enthusiastic to the Slowly Sideways France invitation, very glad to get at the wheel of his formerly car again. For this occasion, he will be co-driven by Wolf-Dieter Ihle.



 Blomqvist Audi 200










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