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Karl-Erik "Kalle" GRUNDEL is the most German of all Swedish rally drivers. The importer Peugeot Germany entrusted him with a 205 Turbo 16 for the German Championship 1985.




Accompanied by Peter DIEKMANN he conquered the title and won by the way on 9 of the 10 missions.

Jean TODT twice gave him the wheel of an official 205 T16 to replace Ari VATANEN, who suffered an accident at the Rally Argentina and nearly lost his life. At the 1000 Lakes Rally, Kalle Grundel took fifth place despite a road off during the first stage. This place secured Peugeot the World Rally Championship title in 1985. A title that was won with prestige, as in the same time SALONEN at the highest step of the podium ended and the driver's title won.



Grundel 1000lacs 1985


After a brief assignment at Ford, Kalle GRUNDEL returned to Peugeot in 1988. For four years he drove a 309 GTI with Klaus HOPFE as co-driver.

On the occasion of the Vosges Rallye Festival 2019 he will find co-driver and favorite team again.

Aventure Peugeot has specially restored a 205 Turbo 16 Evo2 for him. But not any ...

The 205 T16 of Aventure Peugeot collection in Sochaux, which is prepared for the Vosges Rallye Festival 2019, is none other than the one which GRUNDEL drove in 1000 Lakes Rally. It was the first gravel appearance of a 205 T 16 Evolution 2, after SABY's entry on Corsica.

With 450 hp instead of the previous 320 and an aerodynamically perfected design, the 205 T16 Evolution 2 is the weapon that brought Peugeot a second world title in 1986 and a driver title for Juha KANKKUNEN.

After several months of restoration, this 205 T16 Evo2 will make its first wheel rounds on the demonstration events drawn all around Molsheim. The service park, located in the heart of the city, will be freely accessible and allow the public to admire in detail this unique car, the ultimate evolution of group B monsters.


Moteur Grundel

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