c-est-parti 2020 MiniON START FOR THE ENTRIES!

Requests for pre-entries at the 4th Alsace Rallye Festival can now be submitted online.





The Alsace Rallye Festival is open to cars, original or replicas, older than 25 years, built before 1996, and having participated and been actresses of the history of  international rallies.

Group N or serie cars are not allowed.

The cars are divided into categories according to their conformity to the original.

Category A:
• ORIGINAL: original rally cars of historical appeal. 
• SLO1: replicas of historic rally cars identical to the original. 
• SLO2: replicas of historic rally cars slightly different from the original.

Category B
• Other rally cars of historical interest selected by the selection committee

You can download the regulation here


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By completing the pre-entry application, please provide as much information as possible about the car, including several photos of your vehicle (exterior and interior), and at least one vintage photo of the car that ran in an international rally.

The selection committee will study each pre-entry, even those that do not match exactly to all the criteria. The essential criterion is the historical interest of the presented vehicle. The appearance (decoration, colors, stickers ....) is essential. It must be in every way similar to the vintage car. Modern advertisements or stickers are not allowed.

This year, in order to further increase the security level of the event, a geolocation tracking system will be used by the organization. An autonomous box that does not require an electrical wiring in the car is provided and must be installed in the vehicle by the team.This system also enables team members (service, attendants) to track the route of their car and to know its exact position.

The amount of the entry fees is fixed at 660 euros until 15/06/2020. After this date and until the closing of the entries on July 27th 2020, the entry fees are fixed at 760 euros

To access the pre-entry page, please follow this link

The drivers have a heart!

As in previous years, we will organize, in collaboration with the Amicale Buffalo Sarap, buggy baptisms for sick or troubled children. We will also renew the donation to an association working for sick or disadvantaged children.

Remember that, thanks to the generosity of the pilots, more than € 1,300 was donated to the association "Les Enfants Malades à l'Hôpital".

Thank you to all participants for their contribution !





Wednesday March 11th
Entries opening

Monday July 27th
Entries closing

Wednesday August 19. - Molsheim
16:00-20:00 : Participant receiption, adminstrative checking, scrutineering. RB distribution

Thursday August 20. - Molsheim
8h00-15h00 : Scrutineering
07h00 - 15h00 : Recce
18h00 : start Molsheim Podium

Friday August 22. – Molsheim
07h00 - 10h00 : Recce
15h00 : Start – Molsheim
4 demonstration stages (2 stage to run twice)

Saturday August 24. – Molsheim
10h00 : Start – Molsheim
4 demonstration stages (2 stages to run twice)
16h00 : Road show und Arrival

Total distance : about 280 kilometers including 120 kms on all-asphalt demonstration stages.









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