Make relive the legendary automobiles of the rallies from the 60s to the 80s on the rallye historic roads from the Vosges:  this is our philosophy

All the automobiles which have marquee the World championship of the Rallies find a ground today to drive in complete safety roads which are completely dedicated them. Whether it is the Gr. 4 of the 70s or the big cars of the Gr. B of the 80s, there will well revive the memories of the public who had taken place in the past along the Stages of the Tour Auto, the Lyon-Charbonnières – Stuttgart Solitude and now for this event, they will take place around the Super Stage of Epinal or the Road-Show in La Bresse. There is no timekeeping. The priority is given to the show! And so the pleasure lasts longer, the stages were drawing in the form of loop allowing the spectators to attend several passages of the cars.

An autograph’s session will take place in Epinal. The city will also be used for an exhibition of cars, whereas the settled assistance park in La Bresse will be the opportunity to discover racing cars from every angle and to go to meet numerous known drivers who will be present.

This formula makes the success of the Eiffel Rallye Festival, created there 6 years ago by the photographer Reinhard Klein and all the Slowly Sideway team of Daun and now it will arrive in France!

Without notion of competition, each drives to the speed which suits him in the respect for its car and for the others participants. Björn Waldegard, who is a regular participant of the Eiffel Rallye Festival said in the past: “the difference compared with other gatherings is that we drive some with the others, not the ones against the others. The star here is the car.




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