gevers smallAlfa Roméo GTV 6 - Freddy GEVERS / Alex VAN DOOREN (B/B)

Category   SLO2
Year 1986
Group A



Yesterday : Yves LOUBET / Jean-Marc ANDRIE - Tour de Corse 1986

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The Tour de Corse of 1986 Yves Loubet was supposed to start in the new Alfa 75 V6, but problems with the suspension during testing led to taking the old GTV6 again, with which he had finished fifth the year before. This time the result was even better, even a third place although favored by the many retirements and problems of the Group B cars.

Freddy Gevers bought a production GTV6 coupe in 2013. First, it was completely boned and stripped, before reassembling it thoroughly with group A pieces. In total, 3 years of work were necessary to present this replica of the Tour de Corse car.



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