wehner smallBMW 635 Csi - Claus-Peter WEHNER / Karl-Peter GRIESS (D/D)

Category   SLO1
Year 1984
Group A


Hier : Fernando CAPDEVILA / Margarita CORTECERO - Rallye Corte Inglese 1985

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A 635 CSI in rallying? BMW homologated this model into Group A for saloon car racing where it was the car to beat in its days. So why not use it on a tarmac rally? Fernando Capdevila did just that on his home event, the Corte Inglese Rally on Gran Canaria. His BMW was the most exotic car of the event despite several Group B cars also joining the fray. Capdevila finished eighth overall in 1985 and sixth in 1986, both times winning Group A easily.

Claus-Peter Wehner had already been a Slowly Sideways regular before 2015 driving a different 635 CSI which proved to be quite unreliable. Then, at the end of 2014, he got the chance to purchase another 635 CSI which had been used in circuit racing. He bought this car and turned it into a precise copy of the BMW used on the Corte Inglese Rally in 1985.


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