perez smallFord Escort MK1 - José PEREZ SERRANO / Julio PEREZ SERRANO (E/E)

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Year 1969
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Yesterday : Jean-François PIOT / Jean TODT - Rallye Monte Carlo 1969

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158 cars set off on the 1969 Monte Carlo Rally. When it came to the final race, they were down to 39. A surprisingly low figure which prompted the organizers to draft at the last minute, with five competitors out of the race. Waldegaard, a broad leader, the focus is on accessits. Jean-François PIOT is 8th in his Escort group 2. At the front, following a problem when changing pads on the leader's Porsche, there is a crossover between Waldegaard and Elford. Piot for his part goes back to 4th place. A place he would prefer to secure without trying to get back on the Alpine de Vinatier, third. It allows him to win group 2. A good start for the new Ford driver.

The words of José PEREZ SERANO: "what could be better than a replica of this car to celebrate the 50 years of the Escort MK1?" After finding a car in Portugal, he set to work restoring it to showcase it in historic races.




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