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Category   SLO1
Year 1985
Group B



Yesterday : Walter RÖHRL / Christian GEISTDÖRFER - Rallye Monte-Carlo 1986

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Walter Röhrl could have won his fifth Rallye Monte-Carlo victory in the 1986 edition if fate hadn't decided otherwise ... He was initially slowed down by an engine problem which nailed him to 4th place. Once the problem had been solved, he get back to second place, just 1,48 behind the leader Toivonen. For the Burzet special in Ardèche, Audi mechanics fit the Sport Quattro E2 with slick tires, which turns out to be the right choice. Unfortunately, the spare tire is not replaced. To make matters worse, Röhrl had a puncture in this stage and had to change a wheel. Fitted with a studded tire, the penalty is heavy: he falls back to 4th place, a position he will keep until the finish.

Already the owner of an Audi Quattro group 4, Benoit Martin dreamed of the ultimate version. Those being impossible to find (and overpriced), he decided to build a replica. The work was entrusted to Revo6, who needed three cars to complete this reconstruction.

Its participation in the 2019 edition was acclaimed as this car was chosen to illustrate the poster of this year’s edition.




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