horan smallFiat 131 Abarth - Pat HORAN / Noelle HORAN (IRL/IRL)

Category   SLO1
Year 1978
Group 4


Yesterday : Michèle MOUTON - Annie ARRII - Rallye Monte Carlo 1980

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After her performances with the Alpine A110, and the Porsche 911 Carrera, Michèle MOUTON entered 1977 the Fiat Racing Team. During 3 seasons she will achieve exploits withe this particularly physical car to drive.

Pat HORAN is passionate about Italian cars that he has been collecting since the 1970s. His latest acquisition is this Fiat 131 Abarth. Based on a stradal version, he built a faithful replica of the group 4 with which Michèle MOUTON participated in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1980.

Codrived by his daughter Noelle, Pat has for many years entered his cars in Slowly events, but also in 6 WRC rounds and at the Goodwood Festival of Speeds. Alsace Rallye Festival is his first rally in France.


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