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Year 1998
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Yesterday : Erik COMAS / Jean-Paul TERRASSE - Rallye du Mont-Blanc 2000


The Berlinette Hommell was born from the original idea of building a 100% French vehicle, based on the desires expressed by the readers of the Echappement magazine, of which Michel Hommell is the owner. This consultation will lead to the Berlinette, which is the heir to the Alpine, Matra and other French sports cars of character. Michel Hommell and Gilles Dupré will take the gamble of carrying out this project initiated by the readers.

A Peugeot 1900 16-valve engine will be installed in the tubular chassis dressed in a polyester body. In August 1994 the car was homologated in the GT group.

Many pilots will enter the Berlinette, whether in rally, hillclimbing or circuit. Former Formula 1 driver Erik COMAS will join the family of aficionados and take part in several rallies during the 2000 season.

Gérard ZIPPER, a big-hearted driver well known in the East region (he was one of Sébastien LOEB's first supporters) then acquired this car and entered it in numerous events.

After several years of rest, he came out of retirement to enter the Alsace Rallye Festival.



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