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Year 1989
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Yesterday : Alex FIORIO / Luigi PIROLLO - Rallye San Remo 1986

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In 1957 Mario ANGIOLINI and three of his friends decided to create a racing team. It would be a multidisciplinary team, responsive with a great capacity for adaptation. In the facts, like the joker on a card game, which in Italy is called Jolly. The name was all found, it will be the Jolly Club! In 1981, a partnership was signed with the horse racing betting company, Totalizzatore Ippico, better known as Totip. Many cars will wear the famous white, orange and green colors. We all remember the Lancia 037 or Delta, but that is to forget more modest cars, like the Fiat Uno Turbo ie entered during the 1986 season for Alex FIORIO.

Bastien FERREIRA has been passionate about rallying from a young age. This Fiat Uno belonged to his godfather, and when the latter died, Bastien undertook, with the help of his father and his co-pilot, an in-depth repair work to make it a copy of the Alex Fiorio's car. If his father is used to the event, it will be Bastien's first participation. He will be codrived by his girlfriend Noélie.





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